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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Gula Melaka Tea?
In our menu we have the Gula Melaka Tea and Gula Melaka Coffee which is either served in hot or iced. Gula Melaka is in the local Malay language which actually refers to Palm Sugar or Coconut Sugar. This kind of sugar produces a taste similar to brown sugar but with an extra rich buttery taste. Gula Melaka is commonly used in Southeast Asian snacks and desserts like “chendol” and “oneh-oneh”.

 Is Gula Melaka Tea / Coffee very sweet?
Our Gula Melaka Tea and Coffee has the same sweetness level as our regular tea and coffee but with the extra rich buttery taste. The unique flavour of this beverage is sure to tantalize even the most exquisite palate!

What are the differences among Tea-O, Tea and Tea-C?
At Old Tea Hut, we provide an array of menu variety to suit all taste preferences so you can be sure to find your favourite choice of drink.
Tea-O: Regular brewed tea without milk with the addition of fine cane sugar.
Tea: Regular brewed tea with sweetened milk (condensed milk) only.
Tea-C: Regular brewed tea with dehydrated milk (evaporated milk) with the addition of fine cane sugar.
Same goes to our Coffee-O, Coffee and Coffee-C.

What is Honey-O?
For those with a palate for refreshing sweet flavour, we have the Honey-O drink which is prepared with pure honey brewed with water. Perfect for soothing and quenching the thirsty throat.

How do you keep the freshness of your coffee?
At Old Tea Hut, we believe in serving only the best quality, freshest beverages and products to our customers. Our coffee is stored in air-tight containers that will not exposed the coffee to air and moisture which will help to retain the freshness and rich flavour of the coffee. Our coffee are brew fresh all day long, every day for the perfect cup of rich aromatic fresh coffee.

How do I reduce the sweetness level in my drink?
Just let us know during order that you would like to have your drink less sweet or order it in the local dialect word of having your drink “Siew-Dai”!

Can I bring my own water bottle or mug for my beverage?
Sure! We welcome our customers in joining our efforts to go green and be environmental friendly.

I would like to order a large quantity of drinks for a special meeting function. Can I make an advance order?
We are happy to provide an advance ordering service. For more information, please refer to the Advance Order page.

How can I make a delivery order?
We regret to inform that at the moment, we are unable to provide a delivery service. Please check back with us again for any updates in delivery service.


Where can I patronize Old Tea Hut?
Our location and operation hours can be found at the Store Locator page.


I have some queries. How do I contact you?
We are always happy to assist our customers in any way possible. Please refer to the Contact Us page for the various ways of contacting us and we will be glad to assist you further.

How can I feedback about the service at the store?
We welcome any form of feedback, ideas or comments. Please refer to the Feedback page and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.